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Step 3: Buy

What you agreed is what you get. Buy every used item with the inspection report as a purchase confirmation, without surprises or discussion afterwards. Plan immediately when the item arrives and make it immediately available for sale. This way you reduce the lead time and the risks.


All information for an optimal purchasing process.

When you purchase vehicles, you do not only want to monitor which vehicle you purchased and for what price. Of course you also want to know what the status is, when you can expect the purchased vehicles, when the vehicles have actually arrived and how your stock is doing. All information that is crucial for an optimal purchasing process can be found in the Vehisell Purchasing module. Everything for an optimal purchasing process, without surprises afterwards.

More insight. More control. More profit.

Discover the added value for managing your purchasing and sales process

Vehisell offers used vehicle managers a unique platform that allows fully customized maximum insight and maximum return. Do you want to discover the added value of Vehisell for managing your purchasing, sales and valuation process?