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Maximum control. Whichever module you use.

Vehisell has a modular structure and works with a 5-language dashboard in your own look & feel. The platform is developed around the user. All functionalities are easily accessible and can be managed by editors online or via the app.

Vehisell Editor

With Vehisell Editor you can upload, edit, arrange and categorise multiple photos at once.

Vehisell Insights

With Vehisell Insights you can easily create reports, see how many days your vehicle is on stock, your sales, your purchases, the expected vehicles, open valuations, stocks and deliveries. The Vehisell Pricing monitor gives you insight into the appraisals, bids and the purchase and selling prices.

Vehisell Documents

With Vehisell Documents you can create purchase confirmations, sales agreements, scan documents and categorise them. Scan and manage important documents, such as license plates and test certificates, export documents and purchase invoices.

Vehisell Planning

With Vehisell Planning view and manage all your objects for rent. From availability to reservations, from confirmation to actual rental of the objects. Create and inspect the intake, and issue inspection with the Vehisell app. Monitor purchasing, entry, sales and delivery dates.

Vehisell CRM

With Vehisell CRM manage companies, contacts and profiles for multiple locations. You can also view the complete history of offered, purchased and sold objects, including issued appraisals and bids.

Vehisell Notifications

With Vehisell Notifications send notifications to your customers or employees, so that they always stay up-to-date on the status of a vehicle or object. Inform your finance department about purchases and sales. In short, send notifications quickly and easily.

Vehisell Lease

With Vehisell Lease you can monitor the book values and commercial value of your lease fleet, so that you have timely insight to get the maximum return from your used vehicles and objects.

More insight. More control. More profit.

Discover the added value for managing your purchasing and sales process

Vehisell offers used vehicle managers a unique platform that allows fully customized maximum insight and maximum return. Do you want to discover the added value of Vehisell for managing your purchasing, sales and valuation process?